Steps to Sell In Europe

What you need to know before shipping goods to FBA Europe

Amazon EU is a big and growing market.

In order to succeed you need to know what is needed and be prepared.

We are help to help you an guide you!

Shipping to Europe

In order to be effective and sell well in Europe, you need your merchandise to be physically there preferably in an Amazon FBA warehouse.

It is important to get the best shipping rates by sea or by air, from the US or from China.

We can put you in contact with trusted freight forwarders that will give you free fully detailed quotes from your point of origin to Amazon's warehouse with custom clearance.

(Custom fees and VAT will depend on the products and their value)


To import products in Europe and sell them there, you do not need to have an EU company but you will need:

- If exporting from the US you will need an SED (Shipper's export declaration)

- An EORI number for the European customs.

- A VAT number to retail your products on Amazon.

(We can get you back the VAT paid on import, if you do not want to wait to sell your item before getting it). 

We can help you with all this, put you in contact with he right people, you just need to contact us!

Optimize Your Amazon EU Account

When you ship a product to one marketplace like Amazon UK, France etc, you can have it listed in the other 4 marketplaces as a Prime product and do not need to ship your products there.

You can also sell it and have Amazon ship it to 26 countries in Europe!

Need help with this, we are here!

Note: It is important to know your numbers and the change in between USD to GBP and EUR.

Customer Service

Once you sell an item, it's not over, a good customer service is vital to avoid getting bad feedback, bad reviews and have the customer return the product.

We can help you with this too!


Unfulfillable inventory can't stay by Amazon for more than 30 days.

Having the products overseas, we can't just bring them back.

We can help you and have them inspected and tested if necessary in Europe, to determine if it can be sent back to Amazon as new, used, sold in a different marketplace like eBay, returned to the US or dumped.

Return Solutions

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