Unfulfillable Inventory in Europe - FBA Returns

One of the Biggest Challenge you will face

One of the biggest challenge a US seller faces selling in Europe with is how to deal with the unfulfillable Inventory.

No matter how good your product is, you will get returns that will be classified as "unfulfillable" by Amazon.

Amazon will dispose of this stock unless you create a removal order in within 30 days after having been notified.

You can do a cross border removal order but only in Europe, from the UK to France, or Germany etc, but Amazon won't return it to you in the US.

The Bad Solution

You can then either find a forwarder with an address in Europe where you send the merchandise and he will ship it back to you in the US.

But you will have to pay the removal to this forwarder, then the shipping back to the US, deal with the customs, which will result in a big unnecessary expense.

Our Solution

We put in place a warehouse in France that can get your products from Amazon, check it, relabel it and ship it back to Amazon as new, used with the proper condition.

You will save money by not having to ship it back to the US, the hassle to check it yourself and make money by selling it back on Amazon or eBay Europe.

We have been offering this service for the past 3 years and saves thousands to our happy customers.

Simple in 3 Easy Steps

Create a Removal Order to us

Contact us, we will give you an order number and our warehouse address in France where to ship your unfulfilled merchandise to

We will examine the Merchandise

We will have technology savy people checking your amazon returns and determine with you (with pictures) if you can sell it as new, used as new, good condition etc.

We will relabel it and ship it back for you to FBA

We will put the right FNSKU given to us by you on the products and we will ship it back to FBA

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